Tree Ring Edging

Installing circular tree ring edging around trees or large shrubs, makes maintenance in these areas so much easier.

The lawn is often in poor condition near the base of the tree or shrub, due to lack of water or sunlight and therefore never looks very good.

Overhanging branches make mowing and sometimes strimming difficult and even dangerous. How many times, whilst concentrating on the mowing or strimming, have I walked into a branch unfortunately hanging at face height?

Unfortunately, once again, traditional edging products are not ideal.

Extruded concrete edging can produce an attractive circular kerb, down to about 36 inches diameter.

Be aware though, that although a small circular kerb may look in proportion now, in a few seasons time when the tree or shrub has grown, a larger diameter circle would be more in proportion. Therefore, think ahead, and allow the extra size at time of installation. The extruded concrete kerb of your style choice and colour, will form an effective root barrier, to stop the ingress of grass, as well as making mowing so much easier.

Maybe you may want to infill the inner area with decorative pebbles. These can look very effective, if the right colour is chosen and act as o a weed suppressant and also a moisture retaining agent during times of low rainful ( not that this seems to happen too often in the UK ! )

Although we refer to this type of installation as Tree Ring Edging, it does not necessarily need to be centred around a tree or be in the shape of a ring. The above photograph shows an attractive kidney shaped installation surrounding two trees. The infill was grey slate chippings which compliment the slate grey finish of the slant edging.

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